The Caged mindsets towards Indian women

Hans News Service | 26 Mar 2023 5:08 AM IST
Multiple invasions with multiple culture have not only distorted our history but also the mindsets of people. The wrecked damage has impacted in many aspects be it wealth, business, culture and affecting the stability of India

We are celebrating 75 years of independence from the slavery of Brits. India is a land of virtues and wealth. Yet, this has attracted many foreigners to invade and complexing with the lives and culture of India. Multiple invasions with multiple culture have not only distorted our history but also the mindsets of people.

The wrecked damage has impacted in many aspects be it wealth, business, culture and affecting the stability of India. Where the Aryan Invasion gave a lasting impression on culture. With an Indo-European Nomadic tribe- the biggest barrier that they created was the persons job to be determined by their caste. From Aryan Invasion to Mughals to British, there has been consistent damage to the beliefs, culture, and economy of India.

Some damages have taken as a goal and woman equality is one of them. The deterioration of the position of woman has been consistent since ancient times. Inspite of so many women have been in leadership positions, the goal of equality has not met. Be it politics, corporate, policy makers, the woman in India have ruled unapologetically practicing their duty. Yet the challenge remains.

Where is the challenge- Back against the wall

The distorted history and convenient excuses have led woman to struggle more than woman in every field. It is not so easy to decode the genesis of mortification towards woman. Today we do see many men be it Yoga Guru or Political Ministers giving casual remarks on woman which is considered at "Chalta Hai" and ignored. It is not about whether action should be taken against such people, men. Yet from where does this mindset emerging. "Kya Yeah Sach Mein Chalta Hain? This is the alarming question.

Let's deep dive, all Hindu seers during Vedic period such as Veda Vyasa, Vishwaamitra, Vamadeva, Atri, Bharadvaja, Vasistha, Angiras. Kanva are called Rishis, Similarly, all female Hinduseers at the time such as Lopamudra, Apala, Kadru, Visvavara, Ghosha, Juhu, Vagambhrini, Paulomi, Yami, Indrani, Savitri and Devayani are called Rshikas.

So, was there any inequality in our ancient days that we witness today in pay, position and perception for woman.

Some self-proclaimed gurus in today's era have done the biggest harm and have impaired values and rights of woman. Right to Equality is a fundamental right which remained violated for woman only because of the disagreeable mindsets of few/many.

How Far we have come?

The Indian government and Law makers have come forward in many ways to create holistic equality for woman.

To protect woman and their dignity in the society

The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 with amendment in 2005 has given equal inheritance rights to women for the first time. This gives an elimination to the concept of limited estate of women.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Though it is disappointing to see the state that the law has to intervene to protect the safety and security of woman, yet this Act was instituted after complaints by various victims of violence of any kind within the family.

Article 15(1)

also elaborates that woman do need special treatment for their upliftment. These law are made to protect and give a sustainable social security to woman to live, hence adequate assessment and evaluation is done before framing these policies.

Article 39(d)

clearly specifies equal pay for equal work, yet the model of DEI where diverse resource is still considered for woman, woman is not paid in corporates and not even in many industries except in government sector.

The constitution of India guarantees the right to equality to woman, yet the storm of discrimination is prevalent to disgrace the existence of woman thus affecting holistic growth of India.

One of the biggest awaited judgements by The Supreme Court is granting equal opportunities for woman in Tri Services after lot of reluctance and wait. The equality of opportunity to choose their life and career is as ethical as any cultural belief. The violation does call for an intervention to recall strong moral standards of our history of Great Woman Warriors of Indian National Army of Subhash Chandra Bose. This myth of inequality of woman in Armed Forces calls for scratching the history. May be the history and positioning of woman has been glorified as per the conveniences.

There was a lot of support in the boycott movement of few Bollywood songs "Hamein to Loot Liya" of movie Pathan, claiming the distortion of Indian culture by the female actress, yet the song roars to the viewership of more than crores- I am yet to understand who are these viewers?


Finally, when we are talking about the Positioning of Woman in India. She is a Pride of Nation and few who disgrace do disgrace India. So, what are we lacking adequate law or mindsets with high moral standards? Even after more than 300 years of slavery, how many of us still living in the caged mindsets of invaders and giving it a term of "Social Conditioning".